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The profits from the “Thought for Today” calendar sales in your area can be used towards the radio transmitter power bill, the local youth ministry, Boys brigade or even the Scouts or Girl Guides. Any worthwhile local cause.

All I want you to do is give it a go. Does this work? The answer is yes and here is proof.

In 2009 my son was raising funds to go to the scout jamboree in Sydney. I had some calendars left over and I got him and a mate to sell them at a local market in late January 2010 – well after the calendar year had started. In four hours - on a humid rain interrupted day - they raised over $385. It was nothing fancy – it simply worked.

Have a listen:- Calendar 2013 Fundraising Orders YouTube Video

How much could they have raised if they were selling these calendars in November or December? Thousands. But for now – all I want you to do is take delivery of 65 calendars and see for yourself how they can work in your local area. I’ll round that up to 70 by adding an extra five for you as a thankyou and to replace any which might get damaged or flogged.

If they sell like hot cakes and you need more – simply contact Brenda by email or make a phone call. The beauty of this is that we all get to share the profits for our respective activities – and, amazingly, your community are actually PAYING a couple of dollars to have a positive influence in their homes – all year.

The funding arrangement is simple. You contribute $169 and I send you 65 calendars PLUS and extra five in case some get damaged or stolen.{70 in total} You sell them at the markets or at a stall for $5 each and get $350. Take a note of the time it takes to sell and profit from those 70 calendars.

You can then sensibly make a no risk order for the following year based on your result. Remember - this year you are only testing the market. However – if they sell like hotcakes for you also – then ring and order some more.

Nothing ventured – nothing gained. This works. All I need for you to do - is give it a go. Contact Brenda – or my office.

ORDER A SAMPLE PACK 1300 3111 31
Or order online – and select the 70 SAMPLE PACK option.

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